Gazpacho is a type of vegetable soup made from garlic, stale bread along olive oil , you can also tomato and bell paper to it.The soup can be served both cold and hot. The cold soup is known as Gazpacho while the hot soup is normally called gazpacho manchego and often include mushrooms and rabbit meat which makes less of a soup and more of a stew.


Paella is yet another popular Spanish dish which is a typical rice mix and a Spanish specialty. It is cooked by mixing saffron and olive oil with rice. Later it is garnished with meat , vegetables and seafood.


Chorizo is a type of Spanish sausage that is made by mashing pork fat and then chili and paprika is mixed into it. Normally there are two variants of chorizo , one is of spicy nature while the other is sweet. It can eaten both hot and cold and it is used an key ingredient in may Spanish dishes and can be enjoyed in individually as well.

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