When it’s time to choose natural stone for your kitchen or bathroom countertop, it’s no surprise that marble is on many ‘ wish list.

The timeless beauty of marble has been showcased for centuries in some of the world’s most famous buildings – the Parthenon – and sculptures by Michelangelo David. In modern homes, marble is still a natural stone for all kitchen and bathroom countertops, and granite is the second most popular option.

Although there are many types of marble to choose from, there are five popular options that are better than the rest. They are quarried in Italy, which has the best and most popular marble in the world, and in Spain.

Calcutta marble

Its popularity is partly due to its historical significance – the stone was Michelangelo’s favorite. But its breathtaking beauty is unparalleled in the world of natural stone and it is hard to resist.

Carrara marble

It is a beautiful stone. Although it is as white as Calcutta, it is not as bright. Moreover, its grooves are not gray, but another shade of white.

Milanese Gray

This marble quarried in Milan is not similar to Calcutta or Carrara. It is dark gray with light gray veins.

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